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VoiceCheck is designed for Android phones and tablets using version 3.0 ("Honeycomb") operating systems or higher. Android's default Text-To-Speech feature, pre-installed on most phones, is used by the application's TALK feature. Inexpensive or free 3rd party Text-To-Speech voices can be purchased and downloaded to change Android's default voice.

VoiceCheck uses Google's "off-line" voice recognition in devices updated to Android's Jelly Bean version. Jelly Bean tablets and phones will provide voice command functions in flight, even when no internet connection is available. Voice recognition requires a internet link, either cell phone or wifi, for "Ice Cream Sandwhich" and earlier platforms. But don't worry if your tablet is not updated to Jelly Bean. Since most checklist procedures are performed with wheels on ground 'Listen' mode should be available for most procedures and at most airports as long as you have a cell phone connection.

Voice-Check will accept the following voice commands:
  • CHECK: check this item as completed
  • AGAIN: repeat current check item
  • WAIT: go into 'wait mode' (pause operation)
  • QUIT: stop operation and go back to main menu
  • Voice recognition may vary depending on pilot's individual voice tone and character. Therefore alternative commands are accepted:
  • Check = Next = Done = Okay = Roger = Affirmative
  • Repeat = Say Again = Again
  • Wait = Stop
Fly Two Planes?
Two sets of checklists are stored in TapCheck and VoiceCheck. Press the 'switch' icon to change aircraft.

Backup You will edit the checklist templates for your aircraft, of course. Select the backup icon at the main menu to save all your lists to the Android SD card. The backup function saves all procedures for both aircraft (6 data files).


The main menu edit icon starts an edit window for your aircraft ID. ID will always show in checklists screens. Edit icons in checklist screens open up a checklist edit window.(Aircraft ID is stored in V-SPEEDS list.)

Import Lists: Edit a list with our online editor. Then open the checklist on your Android. Select Edit > Import to download your checklist from our website. No USB cables needed. Its that easy!


The refresh icon clears (unchecks) all checked items in the checklist screeen. In the main menu 'refresh' clears any procedures that have been set green. (App sets a checklist button green when procedure is completed).

Home: Press the VoiceCheck icon at the top of the screen to go back to the home menu. (Similar to Android 'back' button.)

Bluetooth To engage Bluetooth for VoiceCheck simply turn on Bluetooth in your phone or tablet's settings. Turn on your Bluetooth headset to pair it with your Android as normal. VoiceCheck will automatically sense Bluetooth and show the Bluetooth icon when "Talk" or "Listen" is engaged.
Using Voice Commands

Most check items will, of course, take some time to complete. Therefore the "Speak now" window will repeat several times to allow pilot time to complete the check item. This will be heard as a repeated BEEP every 8 to 12 seconds. After completing a check item, wait for a BEEP prompt and then say "Check" to proceed to the next item.

If Voice-Check does not recognize your voice command it will ask "Say Again." In this case wait for the BEEP prompt and repeat your command.

After 5 repeated beeps (approximately 3 minutes) Voice-Check will go into WAIT mode. To wake up Voice-Check tab on the highlighted check item on screen.

TapCheck app - 7 day free trial
TapCheck has all the checklist features of VoiceCheck, but without "Talk" or "Listen" funtions.

Free to try for 7 days, then only $1.29 per month to use. Monthly fee is charged via Google Play. Subscription can be cancelled anytime at Google Play store.

Get it on Google Play

VoiceCheck app - 7 day free trial
Test out VoiceCheck for 7 days free. After 7 days monthly subscription fee is only $2.29 . Subscription can be cancelled at any time at Google Play store.

Get it on Google Play

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