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How many pilots skip using a checklist procedure now and then? Paper checklists are a headache. It is too easy to loose your place and skip a step. "Better to go by memory," you say. But if you had a co-pilot reading out the procedures for you, wouldn't you follow your checklists more often?
21 Easy to Edit Checklist Templates
Every effort has been made to make it convenient to customize VoiceCheck and TapCheck for your aircraft(s). No checklist app is useful if it is a pain in the #@*! to get the procedures for your plane!

Both apps install with 21 generic checklist templates which you can edit on your phone or tablet. Better yet: Use our online editor from any desk top computer. Our editor makes editing any of our templates fast and easy. Just edit a template and download it to your Android. It's easy! You can try it out right now.

Bluetooth Wireless Speech
Use any inexpensive Bluetooth headset to make your exterior inspection checklist nearly hands' free. Turn Bluetooth on at your Android and headset, then select "Listen" mode in VoiceCheck.

Bluetooth aviation headsets are just one alternative for using VoiceCheck's Listen and Talk functions in the noisey cockpit environment. Cell phone adapters are also available for standard aviation headsets.

Voice Recognition for Hands' Free Procedures
by Deleket-deviantart
Voice-Check Pilot
"Checklist for Pre-flight Cabin"  
"Ignition Key - on Glareshield " "Check"
"Ignition Key - checked"  
"Aircraft Docs - in cabin " "Check"
"Aircraft Docs - checked  
"Hobbs Meter and/or Tach - Record" "Wait"
"Will wait"  

TapCheck app - 7 day free trial
TapCheck has all the checklist features of VoiceCheck, but without "Talk" or "Listen" funtions.

Free to try for 7 days, then only $1.29 per month to use. Monthly fee is charged via Google Play. Subscription can be cancelled anytime at Google Play store.

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VoiceCheck app - 7 day free trial
Test out VoiceCheck for 7 days free. After 7 days monthly subscription fee is only $2.29 . Subscription can be cancelled at any time at the Google Play store.

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